Discover the sunny island of Usedom!

The up to 70 m wide and 42 km long white sandy beaches on the seemingly endless Baltic Sea will simply fascinate you. A special touch of the old times will accompany you at the sight of the spa architecture. Magnificent villas with noble marble columns and decorated gables invite you to take long walks along the promenade.

Nowhere else in Germany is so much splendour hidden behind the dunes. But also the sea bridges of the imperial baths rise splendidly into the sea, whether on the oldest sea bridge of Germany in Ahlbeck or the longest sea bridge of Europe in Heringsdorf with over 500m – both offer you unforgettable moments.

In addition to the stately promenades and beaches, the island in the Achterland is quiet in untouched nature with quaint fishing villages.

Let yourself be enchanted by the flair of the island of Usedom.

Here are some suggestions:

City harbour of Usedom

On the eastern outskirts of Usedom Lake is the so-called city harbour of Usedom. It can be reached from the Stettiner Haff via the access road between West- and Ostklüne. Fishing boats and sport boats currently find a berth here. The harbour in the northern part of the lake has been rebuilt and extended into a modern Usedomer lake centre.

Cycling tours on Usedom

A paradise for cyclists are the more than 150 km of extended cycle paths, mainly along the coast, but also inland. During leisurely cycling tours through shady coastal forests, interesting seaside resorts and yellow rape fields in spring, you can let the fresh sea breeze blow around your nose and in between jump into the Baltic Sea to cool off. Experience the wonderful nature of Usedom.

Ostsee Wasser

Fine sandy white beach of Usedom

The 42 km long white sandy beach at the endless Baltic Sea will fascinate you. On its whole length it is almost stoneless and in some places it is up to 70 m wide. Beach chairs are available for rent in all Baltic seaside resorts.

Beach paradises in the imperial baths

The imperial spas of Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin were among the most exclusive addresses on the German Baltic coast at the beginning of the 20th century. White villas from the Wilhelminian era are located on the beach promenades and in the town centres of the imperial spas.